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14.01.11: Special Projects / The Dears / Video
The Dears – ‘Omega Dog’ Video

Omega Dog was shot using Apple’s 4th generation iPod Touch, and the scenes with Murray on the sidewalk were also lit using a handheld device – a Blackberry.  Murray wanted to revisit the concept of the End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story video the band had released 10 years previous with the added element of the trending iPod weather balloon launches he had grown interested in.  After some tests, we calculated that it would take forty average-sized helium-filled balloons to lift the device upwards at a good speed.  Kite spindles were used to reel it back in and Murray insisted we launch the apparatus on a Saturday night, at the busiest nightlife intersection in Montreal right at the moment the bars closed.  As we had hoped, an intoxicated and belligerent crowd of dudes and scantily clad ladies poured out onto the sidewalk.

Shot and directed by Sinbad Richardson, edited by Sinbad Richardson and Murray Lightburn. 6 min 07 seconds
Art direction by The Cardboardbox Project
Special thanks to production assistant and super-human Adam Eberwein for bringing his A-Game.