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24.10.13: Design / Pigeon Phat / Production / Projects / Tshirts
#postexpectation & Keep It Simple Stupid

Pigeon Phat, The CBP’s own cult office band, is a band of ideas and ideals. The hashtag #postexpectation was created one night over a few Japanese Shitkickers at Montréal’s Bethlehem XXX high-concept restaurant, which stands for the same refusal of mastery that the band abides to – without expectations there can be no disappointment. The T-shirt was created for Pigeon Phat’s 2013 Pop Montréal show. ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ is another of the band’s mantras. Most often used in rehearsal in reply to Alexander B. Chow’s repeated attempts to rework the band’s classics (not that ‘Smiles’ is a ‘classic’ in the truest sense of the word, but you get the point.) Know more about this art collective slash office band slash wannabe musicians hobby group slash empire on their website.

TheCBP.com - '#postexpectation' and 'Keep It Simple Stupid' T-shirt designs
TheCBP.com - Pigeon Phat '#postexpectation' artwork zoom image
TheCBP.com - Pigeon Phat 'Keep It Simple Stupid' artwork zoom image