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25.04.16: Album Art / Latest / Polytron / Production / Projects
FEZ OST on Double Vinyl

If you’ve finished the cult game, Fez, but still want more of it in your life, check out the Fez OST, by Disasterpeace. It’s pressed on double vinyl, with neat-o gold embossed artwork. These are sold out right now but more copies are being made down the road. Check out the Polytron store here for the latest.
TheCBP.com - FEZ OST Double Vinyl

10.11.14: Album Art / Design / En Vedette / Latest / Projects / Special Projects / Stars
Stars – No One Is Lost album artwork

The band loved this image from photographer Eva Chambers. We built this double LP gatefold album artwork around that image’s bubble gum roller dome vibe. Check out the black and pink vinyl; don’t even ask us how they do that (okay, you can ask but we’d rather preserve the mystery). The pink vinyl version is now available online or on tour starting in November.
TheCBP.com - Stars No One Is Lost Album Artwork

17.02.14: Album Art / Design / Matthew Good / Projects
Matthew Good ‘Arrows of Desire’ album artwork

The ‘Arrows of Desire’ album artwork is a chemical reaction fueled by different ideas and inspirations. The title is from a William Blake poem which contains the iconic line ‘Bring me my chariot of fire!’. Visually, Matthew Good wanted to use classic American hot-rod imagery. Our design partner, Derek Broad, chose images of the 1968 Pontiac Firebird and set it ablaze using his magical design powers. Have a look at the silkscreen poster also featuring the Firebird motif.

TheCBP.com - Matthew Good ' Arrows of Desire' album artwork

TheCBP.com - Matthew Good's "Arrows of Desire" CD inside cover

TheCBP.com - Matthew Good's "Arrows of Desire" CD inside cover

TheCBP.com - Matthew Good's "Arrows of Desire" CD inside cover

30.09.13: Album Art / Design / Latest / Projects / Stars
Stars – ‘Wishful/The Light’ 7″

If you didn’t get a chance to pick up the new Stars 7″ release “Wishful/The Light” on their recent US tour you can purchase it online here. Released on the bands label imprint Soft Revolution Records, the “Wishful/The Light” 7″ was pressed with red tinted translucent vinyl. Shout out to D. Broad for his excellent design work.TheCBP.com - Stars' 'Wishful/The Light' 7"TheCBP.com - Stars' 'Wishful/The Light' 7" LayoutTheCBP.com - Stars' 'Wishful/The Light' 7" Vinyl