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23.02.15: Accesories / Alexisonfire / Knitwear / Production / Projects
AOF winterocalypse

Enjoy your very own custom knitted pom-pom toques and scarves by Alexisonfire. Get both to complete the AOF winterocalypse preparedness kit. Available only on the Alexisonfire online store.
TheCBP.com - Alexisonfire - AOF Toque & Scarf

25.07.14: Alexisonfire / Hats / Latest / Production / Projects
AOF Snapback

Alexisonfire’s new snapback hat combines a brash AOF logo screen-printed on the front with a detailed embroidery of the Skull-Heart logo on the back tag. This cap is now available online at the Alexisonfire online store.
TheCBP.com - Alexisonfire AOF Snapback Hat

28.02.14: Alexisonfire / Hoodies / Latest / Production / Projects
Over the zipper.

Alexisonfire’s signature “Skull” logo hoody has an over-the-zipper print; it’s tricky but looks great! We use more pressure on the print and use inks that find their way into the crevices better. Check out the Alexisonfire online store here.
TheCBP.com - Alexisonfire over-the-zipper Skull hoodyTheCBP.com - Alexisonfire over-the-zipper Skull hoody zoom shotTheCBP.com - Alexisonfire over-the-zipper Skull hoody zoom shot 2

13.01.14: Alexisonfire / En Vedette / Latest / Production / Special Projects
Alexisonfire Box Set!

This is the definitive Alexisonfire collection; it has everything! There were only 1000 of these bad boys made and they were all sold exclusively on the Alexisonfire online store (don’t go looking for it now because it sold out in minutes!). It includes music that has been out of print for ages and some that was pressed on vinyl for the first time. Here is the full list of what was jammed into these boxes.
TheCBP.com - Alexisonfire Boxset portfolio layout