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21.03.14: Arcade Fire / Latest / Production
New Reflektor Merch

Here’s a look at the new merch for Arcade Fire’s Reflektor Tour. The full assortment is available on tour and at the Arcade Fire Online Store
TheCBP.com - Arcade Fire 'Reflektor' AssortmentTheCBP.com - New Reflektor Merch Statue Tour T ZoomTheCBP.com - New Reflektor Merch Acid Wash AF Logo T-shirt ZoomTheCBP.com - New Reflektor Merch Statue Hoody ZoomTheCBP.com - New Reflektor Merch Silkscreen Tour Poster

29.10.13: Arcade Fire / Production / Projects / Tshirts
The Reflektors

The enigmatic band The Reflektors want you to see yourself in them. But who are they? An Arcade Fire alter ego? A band from a parallel dimension? Perhaps the answer lies in Arcade Fire’s fourth studio album, Reflektor, out today. The new “The Reflektors” t-shirt, featuring a silver foil print, is now available at the Arcade Fire online store.
TheCBP.com - The Reflektors T-shirt for Arcade Fire
TheCBP.com - The Reflektors T-shirt for Arcade Fire Zoom Image

29.09.13: Arcade Fire / Latest / Production / Projects / Tshirts
Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor’ t-shirt

Check out the new Arcade Fire Reflektor Emblem t-shirt. Printed with reflective ink, its great for night time bike rides. Available now from the arcadefirestore.com.
TheCBP.com - 'Reflektor' T-shirt
TheCBP.com - 'Reflektor' T-shirt Zoom Image

01.07.13: Arcade Fire / Knitwear / Production
‘The Suburbs’ beanie

‘The Suburbs’ beanie features an embroidered AF logo on a slate coloured material. Available on the Arcade Fire online store. One stretchy size fits all. TheCBP.com - Arcade Fire 'The Suburbs' beanieTheCBP.com - Arcade Fire 'The Suburbs' beanie zoom image