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14.07.14: Accesories / Bandana / Latest / Production / Projects / Serena Ryder
Harmony Bandana

Serena Ryder originally had 65 songs written for ‘Harmony’ and eventually had to edit this number down to 12 – talk about prolific! Here’s the ‘Harmony’ bandana available for sale on her current tour (next stop is a free show in Pittsburgh at The South Park Amphitheatre on August 1, 2014).

TheCBP.com - Serena Ryder 'Harmony' Bandana

TheCBP.com - Serena Ryder 'Harmony' Bandana zoom image

02.05.14: Accesories / Arcade Fire / Bandana / Latest / Production
Dark Swirl

Look into your heart and you’ll see a dark swirl. Available on tour
and on the Arcade Fire Online Store.

TheCBP.com - Arcade Fire 'Dark Swirl' Oversized Bandana Webpost



07.11.12: Accesories / Bandana / Design / Latest / Metric / Production
Metric – ‘Tribal’ Oversized Bandana

Hmm. The tribal design is made up of a repetition of the Metric logo, linked together to make a pattern. The original motif was from the album art and consisted of four Metric logos stacked together in a mirrored fashion to make the design. I think the concept came from the use of reflections which is prevalent throughout the album.  Not sure if that’s at all helpful. For more info, click here.