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02.02.16: Accesories / Books / En Vedette / Featured / Latest / Polytron / Production / Projects
FEZ Limited Edition Notebook

Fans of Fez know the game is all about finding hidden treasures. This was the main concept behind the now sold out Fez Limited Edition Notebook. Nested within the pages, concealed, are two specially designed gold plated USB keys, one of which contains the critically acclaimed soundtrack by Disasterpeace, while the other holds the game itself. Only five hundred copies were made and each one has been editioned and signed by Phil Fish himself, the game’s creator.
TheCBP.com - Fez Limited Edition Notebook

02.11.12: Books / Joseph Arthur / Latest / Production / Projects / Special Projects / Video
Joseph Arthur -‘Yer Only Job’ kids book and music video

We had a great time collaborating with Joseph and illustrator Gabrielle Tuschak to create this children’s book (click here to purchase). Joseph was so excited with the project, he wrote a song for it, and incorporated the images from the book into a wonderful video clip with the help of animator Sinbad Richardson. Check them out below!  (For a full interview, click here.)

31.01.12: Books / Production / Projects / Socalled / Special Projects
Socalled – ‘Cartoon Book’ Volume 1, 2, and 3

Some classic material from a classic individual.  We’ve made three volumes of the Socalled Cartoon Book that’ll leave you wanting more.  If you’re already familiar with Josh Dolgin (a.k.a. Socalled), the rapper and mega-talented music maker, you should get to know him a little bit more through his hilarious work as a cartoonist!  Socalled Cartoon Books Volumes 1-3 were printed on a digital press and measure 3″ x 4″.

31.01.12: Books / Owen Pallett / Projects / Special Projects
Owen Pallett – ‘Heartland’ Score Book

For the musician in you, this is the score book to Owen Pallett’s richly arranged ‘Heartland’.  It is one of the most consistently sought-after products we have.  It is available now at Owen Pallett’s online store.