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11.06.11: Books / Joseph Arthur / Latest / Production / Projects / Uncategorized
Notes From The Road

Can you judge a book by it’s perfect binding? Notes From The Road is Joseph Arthur’s perfect bound, two-volume poetry book series. These tour writings cover the period from March to November 2000 while Jo toured North America and Europe. Available online for individual purchase or as a pair.
TheCBP.com - Notes From The Road two volume poetry book series by Joseph Arthur

10.05.11: Books / Design / Production / Special Projects / The Antlers
The Antlers – ‘Burst Apart’ Tegne-Blokk lyric book

We were approached by our good friends at Frenchkiss Records to design a deluxe component for the Antlers’ second full length release, ‘Burst Apart’. Honoured by the invite, we happily took on the project.  We worked extensively with Darby from the Antlers to create a “studio journal” that he named “Tegne-Blokk” (Tegne-Blokk is Norwegian for sketch book).  The idea was to make something like a scrapbook that detailed the recording process behind the album, using the original lyric sheets from the record.  The center spread is an acetate composite of the album cover.

03.06.10: Books / Design / Production / Special Projects / Stars
Stars – ‘The Five Ghosts’ lyric book

The first book to be released on the bands label imprint Soft Revolution Records, the Lyric Book features individual song lyrics from ‘The Five Ghosts’ album, band members’ “Top 10 Lists”, “Seance” instructions, and more.  We handled the design and production of this project.  It was printed in Montreal on a four colour offset press with “perfect binding” bindery.

21.03.09: Books / Design / Joseph Arthur / Production / Special Projects
Joseph Arthur – ‘Color Me Courageous’ colouring book

The ‘Color me Courageous’ colouring book is one of the most inventive product ideas any of our artists have come up with.  It took months to sift through all of Joseph’s charcoal drawings and finalize the sequence for the book, but once it was done we knew we’d made something special.  It even spawned a fan-driven online colouring book competition.