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03.04.17: Design / Latest / Production / Projects / Tshirts / Wolf Parade
Wolf Parade Merch Assortment

The wolf pack is back! Here is the new merch assortment created for Wolf Parade’s reunion tour and EP 4 launch campaign. All these and more are available on tour and at the Wolf Parade online store.
TheCBP.com - Wolf Parade Merch Assortment

30.03.16: Design / Latest / Projects / Tshirts / Wolf Parade
Born To Be Scrambled & Bangers

We dug up these designs from yesteryear to reprint for Wolf Parade’s long awaited reunion. The Born To Be Scrambled and the Bangers t-shirt designs are now available via the online store.

TheCBP.com - T-shirts

19.01.16: Accesories / Design / Half Moon Run / Latest / Production / Projects
Half Moon Run Oven Mitts

Hot stuff coming through! Check out these custom printed oven mitts for Half Moon Run. You can get a pair on the online store or at the merch table.
TheCBP.com - HMR Oven Mitts

08.01.16: Accesories / Design / Latest / Matthew Good / Production / Projects / Tshirts
Chaotic Neutral Merch Assortment

Check out the Chaotic Neutral merch assortment for Matthew Good. These T-shirts and accessories are all available on the Matthew Good online store.
TheCBP.com - Matthew Good Chaotic Neutral Merch Assortment