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24.11.15: Design / Latest / Production / Projects / The Dears / Tshirts
The Dears It’s Not Safe T-shirt

The It’s Not Safe T-shirt design is based on the Hercules beetle character of the I Used To Pray For The Heavens to Fall music video (animated by Sinbad Richardson, aka Vienna Pitts). The two symbols below “The Dears” in the design stand for the album title: Times Infinity. The T-shirt is available online and at the merch table on tour.
TheCBP.com - The Dears It's Not Safe T-shirt

26.10.15: Design / Latest / Production / Projects / The Tragically Hip
Sons of Tragically Hip Anarchy

This biker vest for The Tragically Hip was created in the style of Sons of Anarchy. The lined denim snap-up vest features a custom made fabric patch of the HIP Since MCMLXXXIV design (some might recognize this design from the official HIP rolling papers). The custom designed size tag was silkscreened on the inside and the back features classic biker rockers and gargoyle design.
TheCBP.com - The Sons of Tragically Hip Anarchy Denim Biker Vest

30.03.15: Design / Latest / Production / Tshirts / Will Butler
Will Butler’s Policy t-shirts

Q: Which lesser-known U.S President’s portrait was used for Will Butler’s Policy t-shirts? Keep scrolling for the answer. These are available on tour, check the full dates here.
TheCBP.com - Will Butler Policy T-shirts
A: 19th U.S President Rutherford B. Hayes

04.03.15: Design / Latest / Production / Projects / Stars / Tshirts
Stars’ No One Is Lost merch assortment

Stars IQ Test: Which of these merch items was not inspired by the bubble gum roller dome vibe of No One Is Lost? Spot these and more on the Stars Online Store.
TheCBP.com - Stars' No One Is Lost Merch Assortment