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26.02.15: Accesories / Hey Rosetta! / Knitwear / Latest / Production
Hey Rosetta! Patch Cuffed Toque

Our in-house merch trend surveyor, Joe, reports that these patch cuffed toques are very “in” right now. What would we do without him? The Hey Rosetta! toque is available at their online store and on the road.
TheCBP.com - Hey Rosetta! Patch Cuffed Toque

22.08.13: Design / Hey Rosetta! / Latest / Production / Projects / Tshirts
Hey Rosetta! ‘Tuckamore’ T-shirts.

“I can stand like a mountain, I can stand like a Tuckamore stuck in the wind.” Tuckamore is the regional name given to coastal wind swept trees found in Hey Rosetta’s! home province of Newfoundland. Both shirts feature subtle vertical prints of the lyric along the side hem and different variations of the Tuckamore design on the front. Get one here.

TheCBP.com - Hey Rosetta! Tuckamore Design

14.12.12: Accesories / Hey Rosetta! / Latest / Production
Hey Rosetta! – ‘A Cup of Kindness Yet’ Embroidered Scarf

Get into the spirit with this lovely muffler we made for Hey Rosetta!

08.11.11: Hey Rosetta! / Posters / Projects
Hey Rosetta! – ‘Fall Tour 2011’ posters

Take a gander at the pretty poster series we printed for the Hey Rosetta! Fall 2011 tour.  All four posters were designed by the gifted Julie McLaughlin!!