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20.05.14: Arcade Fire / Hoodies / Latest / Production
‘Reflektor’ pullover hoody

This 100% cotton pullover hoody has two light reflecting prints: the AF logo crest and the ‘Reflektor’ emblem as a back print. The kangaroo pocket gets an honourable mention as well. Available on tour and on the Arcade Fire online store.TheCBP.com - Arcade Fire Pullover "Reflektor" HoodyTheCBP.com - Arcade Fire Pullover 'Reflektor' Hoody Zoom image 1TheCBP.com - Arcade Fire Pullover 'Reflektor' Hoody Zoom image 2

28.02.14: Alexisonfire / Hoodies / Latest / Production / Projects
Over the zipper.

Alexisonfire’s signature “Skull” logo hoody has an over-the-zipper print; it’s tricky but looks great! We use more pressure on the print and use inks that find their way into the crevices better. Check out the Alexisonfire online store here.
TheCBP.com - Alexisonfire over-the-zipper Skull hoodyTheCBP.com - Alexisonfire over-the-zipper Skull hoody zoom shotTheCBP.com - Alexisonfire over-the-zipper Skull hoody zoom shot 2

19.04.13: Hoodies / Latest / Production / Sigur Ros
Sigur Rós – “Mask” zip hoodie

Here is the “Mask” zip hoodie we made for the Sigur Rós “Kveikur” campaign. The original photography of the design was also used for the ‘Brennenstein’ digital EP release and is the work of Brazilian artist Lygia Clark. We combined elements from two of her art pieces to create the design of the “Mask” hoodie. This is a super soft retro feeling polycotton hoodie that is actually quite lightweight and airy.
TheCBP.com - Sigur Rós Zip "Mask" Hoodie

07.04.13: Design / Hoodies / Latest / Production / Projects / Sigur Ros
Sigur Rós – “Splash” hoodie

Inspired by Sigur Rós’ Valtari cover art, we designed the “Splash” hoodie to give the impression of the band’s name splashing into water.