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25.11.14: Accesories / Jewelry / Latest / Production / Projects / Sigur Ros
Valtari Boat necklace re-issue

The Sigur Ros Valtari boat necklace is back! The new necklace is made of PURE sterling silver and limited to only 100 pieces world wide. It is now available to purchase exclusively from the Sigur Ros online store.
TheCBP.com - Sigur Ros Valtari Boat Necklace Re-issue

14.08.12: Accesories / Design / Jewelry / Latest / Production / Projects / Sigur Ros
Sigur Rós – ‘Boat’ necklace

We made this pretty little necklace for Sigur Rós, based on the album art for their latest release, Valtari. It’s made of 100% pure brass, with 100% pure love.

02.11.11: Accesories / Design / Feist / Jewelry / Production
Feist – ‘F’ necklace

Take a look and see who’s hanging out on the middle branch of this “slow dancing tree”.  Honestly, take a close look.
Inspired by the album cover of ‘Metals’, the ‘F’ pendant is made of solid Walnut and has been laser-cut to look like you know who…It hangs from a brass chain and is made in Montreal’s Mile End.