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24.02.16: Accesories / Classified / Knitwear / Latest / Production / Projects
Classified cuffed toques

Introducing the Classified cuffed toque with custom sewn on labels. Available exclusively from the Classified merch table and online store – don’t bother checking your local classified section!

29.01.16: Headstones / Knitwear / Latest / Production / Projects
F#@% It!

These new Headstones cuffed toques have two sewn on custom tags. The classic Headstones’ H logo patch on the front and the album title F#@% It tag on the back. Browse more of our knitwear swag.
TheCBP.com - Headstones H logo cuffed Toque

22.10.15: K-OS / Knitwear / Latest / Production / Projects
#CFWG K-OS Knitted Toque

K-OS doesn’t take hashtags lightly! In this custom-made pom pom toque, the abbreviated Can’t Fly Without Gravity hashtag #CFWG is woven right into the fabric. We’ve always made these winter toques, check em out.
TheCBP.com - K-Os Knitted Hat with Pom-Pom

10.03.15: Knitwear / Production / Projects / Suuns
Suuns join the dark side

Suuns have joined the dark side. Keep looking, you will soon see the Suuns name in black embroidery on this black pom-pom toque appear. Available only at Suuns shows.
TheCBP.com - Suuns black embroidery pom-pom toque