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25.04.16: Album Art / Latest / Polytron / Production / Projects
FEZ OST on Double Vinyl

If you’ve finished the cult game, Fez, but still want more of it in your life, check out the Fez OST, by Disasterpeace. It’s pressed on double vinyl, with neat-o gold embossed artwork. These are sold out right now but more copies are being made down the road. Check out the Polytron store here for the latest.
TheCBP.com - FEZ OST Double Vinyl

02.02.16: Accesories / Books / En Vedette / Featured / Latest / Polytron / Production / Projects
FEZ Limited Edition Notebook

Fans of Fez know the game is all about finding hidden treasures. This was the main concept behind the now sold out Fez Limited Edition Notebook. Nested within the pages, concealed, are two specially designed gold plated USB keys, one of which contains the critically acclaimed soundtrack by Disasterpeace, while the other holds the game itself. Only five hundred copies were made and each one has been editioned and signed by Phil Fish himself, the game’s creator.
TheCBP.com - Fez Limited Edition Notebook