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02.02.16: Accesories / Books / En Vedette / Featured / Latest / Polytron / Production / Projects
FEZ Limited Edition Notebook

Fans of Fez know the game is all about finding hidden treasures. This was the main concept behind the now sold out Fez Limited Edition Notebook. Nested within the pages, concealed, are two specially designed gold plated USB keys, one of which contains the critically acclaimed soundtrack by Disasterpeace, while the other holds the game itself. Only five hundred copies were made and each one has been editioned and signed by Phil Fish himself, the game’s creator.
TheCBP.com - Fez Limited Edition Notebook

04.06.15: Featured / Production / Projects / Tshirts / Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Multi-Love Sublimation

There’s nothing quite like an all-over pattern print to get you excited about life again. These Unknown Mortal Orchestra sublimation t-shirts feature the classic skull-headed dolphin we’ve all grown to love. Check out the UMO online store or on tour at the merch table to get yours.
TheCBP.com - Unknown Mortal Orchestra Sublimation Multi-Love T-shirts

23.04.15: Featured / Hoodies / Latest / Production / Projects / Unknown Mortal Orchestra
UMO all-over sweatshirt

Wrap your troubles in this UMO all-over sublimation print sweatshirt. Printed on both front and back, this sweater features the artwork from Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s self-titled album. You can order your own here.
TheCBP.com - Uknown Mortal Orchestra All-Over Print Sweater
TheCBP.com - Uknown Mortal Orchestra All-Over Print Sweater Animated 360

11.09.14: Arcade Fire / Featured / Latest / Projects / Tshirts
For the little ones.

& Apparel created these baby onesies and toddler T-shirts for Arcade Fire. Both the onesie and toddler T are available in black or white on the Arcade Fire online store.
TheCBP.com - Arcade Fire Reflektor Onesie and Toddler T-shirt