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29.07.13: Latest / M.A.L / Projects
Murray A. Lightburn’s MASS:LIGHT

TheCBP.com - Murray A. Lightburn's MASS:LIGHT pre-order aug 1

The Pre-Order is on now. Get it here
We can always tell when it’s Murray knocking on The CBP office door. Though it has a different rhythm and melody every time, there’s a bold and unapologetic energy there that is a constant reminder of what’s behind. He’s excited to be launching MASS:LIGHT, and not without good reason. It’s his first solo album, though it does maintain ties with his band, The Dears: It’s being released on The Dears’-founded label Ting Dun, and Adrian Popovich once again takes the helm as producer.

MASS:LIGHT is available on vinyl and digital download (pre-order it here). The vinyl is an art object of it’s own; featuring hand silk-screened artwork by Murray himself. Check out this short film snippet of Murray in the silkscreen studio:

Murray is giving away a piece of himself in more ways than one. His pre-worn, signature black polo shirts, featuring Murray’s “M” logo on the pocket, will be randomly included with vinyl pre-orders going to 20 lucky fans.

TheCBP.com - M.A.L's signature pre-worn black polo

“Motherf–ker’s” is the first single released on YouTube and Soundcloud. This short film of the same name was shot on 16mm film keeping in line with Murray’s analogue spirit.

01. Motherf–ker’s
02. Never See Light
03. A Thousand Light Years
04. Through Storms
05. From Dreams
07. War Halls
08. I Believe, I Believe
09. In Pieces