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24.07.13: Design / Latest / Matt Mays / Projects / Tshirts
Matt Mays – Indio and Tumble designs

NEW MATT MAYS T-SHIRTS AND DESIGNS – CHECK EM OUT!!!!! The Indio t-shirt on athletic grey is based on a still from the Indio music video. The letters on the navy coloured Tumble t-shirt are arranged in such a way that it can be read in multiple directions. Available on Matt Mays’ online store and on tour.

TheCBP.com - Matt Mays Indio & Tumble T-shirt designs

20.10.12: Design / Latest / Matt Mays / Production / Tshirts
Matt Mays – ‘Coyote’ tour t-shirt

We love East Coasters!  Here’s the shirt we produced and helped design for Matt Mays’ Canadian Tour 2012. You can pick one up here or at the show.