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19.09.12: Design / Latest / Metric / Production / Tshirts
Metric – ‘Lost Kitten’ and ‘Hang Man’ shirts

Check out the new T-shirts we designed and made for Metric’s current tour.  You can find them online here.

25.07.12: Latest / Metric / Production / Tshirts
Metric – ‘Sliced’ t-shirt and tank

Woo Hoo!  How exciting.  We’re finally making T-Shirts for Metric.  It’s been a few years, but Jimmy Shaw has finally come through on the promise he made at the Globetrotters game back in 1983. Thanks, Jimmy.

07.05.12: Latest / Metric / Projects / Special Projects / Video

For all you stopmotion movie fans out there, here’s a video we produced for Metric’s new ‘Synthetica’ Stereobox.  It was created by our good and great friend Sinbad Richardson.  You can check out more of his work here.