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07.02.14: Godspeed You! Black Emperor / Latest / Online / Projects
Godspeed You! Black Emperor online store

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! t-shirts now available! Behold the online store gybe.store-08.com.
TheCBP.com - Godspeed You! Black Emperor Online Store 2TheCBP.com - Godspeed You! Black Emperor Online StoreTheCBP.com - Godspeed You! Black Emperor online storeMobile version:TheCBP.com - Godspeed You! Black Emperor mobile friendly online store

15.08.13: Latest / Online / Projects
Merch to go.

Our online stores are now mobile friendly! Let’s say you’re sitting at a pub and want to order Stars’ latest release on vinyl, or you want to buy a Sigur Ròs t-shirt aboard a ferry crossing the Norwegian Sea, just grab your smartphone and our new mobile stores will take you through to checkout without leaving our giddy mobile friendly layout. (Reading this on your smartphone right now? Check them out live: Stars, Sigur Rós, The Dodos, Arcade Fire)

29.11.11: Online / Revel and Riot
Revel and Riot – online store API

Our friends at Revel and Riot were looking to have our online store fully integrated into their website. This involved the creation of an API (application programming interface) that would allow their programmer to take the elements of our online store system and actually host them on their website.

You can see the API in action here at revelandriot.com

23.11.11: Arcade Fire / Online
Arcade Fire – Facebook store application

Our online store system is set up so that our clients can sell from different “storefronts” – all operating from the same back-end inventory management system.

The Arcade Fire Facebook Store allows them to sell products directly from their own Facebook page.