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03.08.11: Feist / Online
Feist – microstore application

We created a “microstore” application to run on the listentofeist.com website.

The framework of Feist’s website is such that it uses pop-up iframes for different sections of the site: News, Tour, Store, etc. Our microstore works exactly in this way, so that their programmer only needed to put in a small piece of javascript code in order to make our store accessible on their site.

01.07.10: Arcade Fire / Online
Arcade Fire – Topspin fulfillment integration

Some of our artists sell their products through third-party applications, such as Topspin. Our back-end system is integrated with Topspin to take these orders and put them in the queue of our fulfillment process.

This gives our artists maximum flexibility to sell on the front-end, with the knowledge that their fulfillment and customer service is in good hands with us.

With this integration, we have handled the fulfillment of Arcade Fire’s Grammy Award winning album ‘The Suburbs’, in addition to several other releases.

20.11.09: Online / Wolf Parade
Wolf Parade – widget

With the help of our widget, we are able to sell products anywhere on the internet! Our widget resides in an iframe and can be easily shared and embedded on any website.

Have a look at the Wolf Parade fansite for our widgets in action.

22.05.09: Online / Turbo Recordings
Turbo Recordings – custom online store

We created a custom online store for Turbo Recordings, the Montreal-based dance label founded in 1998 by world-famous DJ/producer Tiga.

Have a look: shop-turbo.com

Some special features include:
– a digital subscription service that delivers mp3’s automatically upon release
– integrated ad widget offering specials