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22.04.16: Accesories / Latest / Monster Truck / Production / Projects / Socks
Don’t Fuck With The Socks

Don’t Fuck With The Socks – What else is there to say?
TheCBP.com - Monster Truck DFWTT Sports Socks

06.04.16: Latest / Production / Projects / Revel and Riot / Tshirts
Ying Yang

The yin and yang symbol represents two opposites coming together to form a whole. For Revel & Riot these two forces – love and political struggle – come together in the fight for LGBTQ justice. These and more are available on the Revel & Riot online store.
TheCBP.com - Revel & Riot Yin Yang t-shirt

24.02.16: Accesories / Classified / Knitwear / Latest / Production / Projects
Classified cuffed toques

Introducing the Classified cuffed toque with custom sewn on labels. Available exclusively from the Classified merch table and online store – don’t bother checking your local classified section!

02.02.16: Accesories / Books / En Vedette / Featured / Latest / Polytron / Production / Projects
FEZ Limited Edition Notebook

Fans of Fez know the game is all about finding hidden treasures. This was the main concept behind the now sold out Fez Limited Edition Notebook. Nested within the pages, concealed, are two specially designed gold plated USB keys, one of which contains the critically acclaimed soundtrack by Disasterpeace, while the other holds the game itself. Only five hundred copies were made and each one has been editioned and signed by Phil Fish himself, the game’s creator.
TheCBP.com - Fez Limited Edition Notebook