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20.05.15: Latest / Production / Socalled / Tshirts
One of these is you!

Scan the crowd and find yourself in Socalled’s illustrated Peoplewatching design. This direct-to-garment printed T-shirt is available from the online store as a single item or bundled with the album. You can also get one at a Socalled show near you!.
TheCBP.com - Socalled Peoplewatching Direct-To-Garment T-shirt
We also used the direct-to-garment print process for this t-shirt.

19.08.13: Latest / Projects / Socalled / Special Projects
Socalled Cartoons Vol.4

Here’s another hearty serving of all-new Socalled cartoons. This pocket sized fourth volume is easy to carry and fits in any first aid kit. Available online as a single item and as part of a complete collection here.

Here’s a freebee!

TheCBP.com - SoCalled Cartoons Vol.4 Area 51 Meets Studio 54

31.01.12: Books / Production / Projects / Socalled / Special Projects
Socalled – ‘Cartoon Book’ Volume 1, 2, and 3

Some classic material from a classic individual.  We’ve made three volumes of the Socalled Cartoon Book that’ll leave you wanting more.  If you’re already familiar with Josh Dolgin (a.k.a. Socalled), the rapper and mega-talented music maker, you should get to know him a little bit more through his hilarious work as a cartoonist!  Socalled Cartoon Books Volumes 1-3 were printed on a digital press and measure 3″ x 4″.