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03.04.17: Design / Latest / Production / Projects / Tshirts / Wolf Parade
Wolf Parade Merch Assortment

The wolf pack is back! Here is the new merch assortment created for Wolf Parade’s reunion tour and EP 4 launch campaign. All these and more are available on tour and at the Wolf Parade online store.
TheCBP.com - Wolf Parade Merch Assortment

30.03.16: Design / Latest / Projects / Tshirts / Wolf Parade
Born To Be Scrambled & Bangers

We dug up these designs from yesteryear to reprint for Wolf Parade’s long awaited reunion. The Born To Be Scrambled and the Bangers t-shirt designs are now available via the online store.

TheCBP.com - T-shirts

20.11.09: Online / Wolf Parade
Wolf Parade – widget

With the help of our widget, we are able to sell products anywhere on the internet! Our widget resides in an iframe and can be easily shared and embedded on any website.

Have a look at the Wolf Parade fansite for our widgets in action.