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06.04.16: Latest / Production / Projects / Revel and Riot / Tshirts
Ying Yang

The yin and yang symbol represents two opposites coming together to form a whole. For Revel & Riot these two forces – love and political struggle – come together in the fight for LGBTQ justice. These and more are available on the Revel & Riot online store.
TheCBP.com - Revel & Riot Yin Yang t-shirt

06.08.13: Latest / Production / Projects / Revel and Riot
Revel & Riot – Emblem t-shirts

Our friends at Revel & Riot are known for designing stylish apparel promoting LGBTQ rights and equality. Check out the iconic Revel & Riot Emblem logo now available on all sorts of sweet gear. Click here to buy.

TheCBP.com - Revel & Riot Emblem Design Shirts

29.11.11: Online / Revel and Riot
Revel and Riot – online store API

Our friends at Revel and Riot were looking to have our online store fully integrated into their website. This involved the creation of an API (application programming interface) that would allow their programmer to take the elements of our online store system and actually host them on their website.

You can see the API in action here at revelandriot.com