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29.07.13: City and Colour / Latest / Projects / Tank Tops
City and Colour – Neon Yellow Festival Tank

How-to keep cool and stylish this summer at music festivals in one easy step. Step 1) The neon yellow Festival Tank we made for City and Colour. Ask a grown-up to help you with certain steps involving looking very sharp. Available here.

TheCBP.com - City and Colour Neon Yellow Festival Tank

30.01.13: Arkells / Latest / Production / Tank Tops
Arkells – “Dance” tank

We’ve had the time of our lives. And we owe it all to Arkells. Click here for the latest.

31.01.12: Pop Montreal / Production / Projects / Tank Tops
Pop Montreal – ‘Pop vs Jock’ tank

What do you get when you mix POP Montreal, Will and Win Butler, NBA pro Matt Bonner, and DJ Sports Club, with a Charity Event?  If you guessed the POP vs Jock basketball game, you’d be correct!  When our friends at the music festival asked us to be a part of this soon-to-be POP classic we had only one response:  YUP!

31.01.12: Diamond Rings / Production / Projects / Tank Tops
Diamond Rings – ‘Diamond’ tank

They say Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, while dogs are Man’s best friend, right?  Well, you can be sure that your best friend during the dog days of summer is gonna be this classic Diamond Rings tank-top!