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25.06.15: Latest / Production / Tiga / Tshirts / Turbo Recordings
Please stand by.

Please stand by: we’re experiencing some T-shirt awesomeness. Tiga’s Boys Noize T-shirt was printed using the direct-to-garment process. You can get your own from the Turbo Shop here.
TheCBP.com - Tiga Boyz Noise Direct-to-Garment T-shirt
Another direct-to-garment example here.

15.10.13: Production / Projects / Tiga / Tshirts / Turbo Recordings
Let’s Go Dancing!

Electronic dance musician Tiga’s new T-shirt gets straight to the point: Let’s Go Dancing! Printed with gold foil on both black and white T-shirts and available online at the Turbo Recordings store.
TheCBP.com - Tiga Let's Go Dancing! T-shirt
TheCBP.com - Tiga Let's Go Dancing! T-shirt Zoom Image