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08.01.16: Accesories / Design / Latest / Matthew Good / Production / Projects / Tshirts
Chaotic Neutral Merch Assortment

Check out the Chaotic Neutral merch assortment for Matthew Good. These T-shirts and accessories are all available on the Matthew Good online store.
TheCBP.com - Matthew Good Chaotic Neutral Merch Assortment

24.11.15: Design / Latest / Production / Projects / The Dears / Tshirts
The Dears It’s Not Safe T-shirt

The It’s Not Safe T-shirt design is based on the Hercules beetle character of the I Used To Pray For The Heavens to Fall music video (animated by Sinbad Richardson, aka Vienna Pitts). The two symbols below “The Dears” in the design stand for the album title: Times Infinity. The T-shirt is available online and at the merch table on tour.
TheCBP.com - The Dears It's Not Safe T-shirt

25.06.15: Latest / Production / Tiga / Tshirts / Turbo Recordings
Please stand by.

Please stand by: we’re experiencing some T-shirt awesomeness. Tiga’s Boys Noize T-shirt was printed using the direct-to-garment process. You can get your own from the Turbo Shop here.
TheCBP.com - Tiga Boyz Noise Direct-to-Garment T-shirt
Another direct-to-garment example here.

04.06.15: Featured / Production / Projects / Tshirts / Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Multi-Love Sublimation

There’s nothing quite like an all-over pattern print to get you excited about life again. These Unknown Mortal Orchestra sublimation t-shirts feature the classic skull-headed dolphin we’ve all grown to love. Check out the UMO online store or on tour at the merch table to get yours.
TheCBP.com - Unknown Mortal Orchestra Sublimation Multi-Love T-shirts