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16.09.15: En Vedette / Latest / Metric / Projects / Special Projects / Video
Metric Pagan Time Capsule

The Pagan Time Capsule is the special edition version of Metric’s new album Pagans in Vegas. The Pagan Time Capsule comes with the full album on cassette and several merch items fitted nicely inside a laser engraved wooden box. Available here.
TheCBP.com - Metric Pagan Time Capsule
We had the pleasure of creating this short promo for the Pagans Time Capsule. Featuring a retro-futuristic EH2 looking for treasure in an out of luck Las Vegas wasteland.

02.04.14: Featured / Latest / Production / Special Projects / Tour Management / Video
TheCBP Management System Animated!

Have you ever wondered how the merchandise business works? Watch this cartoon about how we use technology to optimize an artist’s merchandise business.

TheCBP.com - CBP Headquarters still from animation

02.11.12: Books / Joseph Arthur / Latest / Production / Projects / Special Projects / Video
Joseph Arthur -‘Yer Only Job’ kids book and music video

We had a great time collaborating with Joseph and illustrator Gabrielle Tuschak to create this children’s book (click here to purchase). Joseph was so excited with the project, he wrote a song for it, and incorporated the images from the book into a wonderful video clip with the help of animator Sinbad Richardson. Check them out below!  (For a full interview, click here.)

07.05.12: Latest / Metric / Projects / Special Projects / Video

For all you stopmotion movie fans out there, here’s a video we produced for Metric’s new ‘Synthetica’ Stereobox.  It was created by our good and great friend Sinbad Richardson.  You can check out more of his work here.