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Our Clients

 Amy Millan
  Anthony Von Seck
 Arcade Fire
Arkells Category Arkells Facebook Arkells Twitter Arkells
 Arts and Crafts
Beatrice Deer Category Beatrice Deer Facebook Arkells Twitter Beatrice Deer
  Beaver Sheppard
 Bedouin Soundclash
 Buck 65 
    California Wives
 Cat’s Eyes
Childish Gambino Category Donald Glover Facebook Arkells Twitter Childish Gambino
 City and Colour 
 City Slang
 EL VY Facebook Classified Twitter Classified
    Club Roll Music
  Cortney Tidwell
    Damien Rice
   Diamond Rings
 Dine Alone Records
 Eggplant Entertainment
 EL VY Facebook Arkells Twitter EL VY
  Frenchkiss Records
    Gentlemen Husbands
 Half Moon Run Facebook  Half Moon Run
  Handsome Furs
 Hannah Georgas
  Hey Rosetta!
 How To Dress Well
   Jason Bajada
John Waite Category John Waite Facebook John Waite Twitter John Waite
  Joseph Arthur
  Juste Pour Rire
  Kathleen Edwards
  Katie Moore
Arkells Category Arkells Facebook k-os Twitter k-os
  Land Of Talk
    Leisure Cruise
  Little Scream
  MAdM – Melissa auf der Maur
Marie-Pierre Arthur Category Marie-Pierre Arthur Facebook Marie-Pierre Arthur Twitter Marie-Pierre Arthur
 Matt Mays Category   Matt Mays
  Matthew Good
 Miracle Fortress
 Monster Truck
 Montreal Roller Derby
Mozart's Sister Category Arkells Facebook Mozart's Sister Twitter Mozart’s Sister
 Murray A. Lightburn
   Oh Land
  Opak Media
 Owen Pallett
    Patrick Watson
  Pigeon Phat Facebook  Pigeon Phat
    Plants and Animals
    Plus One
    Polytron Corporation
    Pony Up
    Pop Montreal
    Revel and Riot
    Rich Aucoin
    Sarah Harmer
    Sean McCann
Serena Ryder Category  Serena Ryder Facebook Serena Ryder Twitter Serena Ryder
John Waite Category  The Sheepdogs Facebook John Waite Twitter The Sheepdogs
    Sigur Rós
    Silver Mount Zion
    Sleepy Sun
Suuns Category    Suuns
    The Antlers
    The Barr Brothers
    The Besnard Lakes
    The Boxer Rebellion
    The Goodluck Assembly
    Team Canada DJ’s
    Tegan and Sara
    The Dears
    The Dodos
    The Midway State
    The National
    Think About Life
    The Tragically Hip
    Turbo Recordings
   Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    We Are Wolves
    White Hills
    Will Butler
    Wolf Parade
    Young Galaxy
    Young Man
 Youth Lagoon