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The Cardboardbox Project - Dear You,

Thinking inside the box suggests that the stuff inside represents something.  It represents ideas, expression and creativity at work.

Thinking inside the box means asking the question:  How can independent musicians build and sustain their careers?

Thinking inside the box is understanding the inherent inter-connectedness between artists and their community.

This is what The Cardboardbox Project is all about.

As part of the independent music community, The Cardboardbox Project provides artists with a business infrastructure that supports them in asserting and retaining their financial independence, allowing their artistic expression and therefore, their careers, to become sustainable.

We do more than just move t-shirts and merchandise around the planet in cardboard boxes.  The Cardboardbox Project supports its artists with business strategies and the back-end systems and expertise to execute those strategies.

We are a full-service company that works with artists big or small, on budgets of any size, to express themselves and engage in a dialogue with their fans.  We believe in transparency and take the term “artist-friendly” to heart.  Our professional and vigorous approach allows our creative partners to do what they do best – create.

The Cardboardbox Project - XOX,