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Classified fans seek Greatful tour merch assortment. Meetings held everyday at the Classified Online Store. Come one, come all.
TheCBP.com - Classified Merch Assortment

If you’ve finished the cult game, Fez, but still want more of it in your life, check out the Fez OST, by Disasterpeace. It’s pressed on double vinyl, with neat-o gold embossed artwork. These are sold out right now but more copies are being made down the road. Check out the Polytron store here for the latest.
TheCBP.com - FEZ OST Double Vinyl

Don’t Fuck With The Socks – What else is there to say?
TheCBP.com - Monster Truck DFWTT Sports Socks

The yin and yang symbol represents two opposites coming together to form a whole. For Revel & Riot these two forces – love and political struggle – come together in the fight for LGBTQ justice. These and more are available on the Revel & Riot online store.
TheCBP.com - Revel & Riot Yin Yang t-shirt