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Do you like crystals? Do you like darkness? Do you like tie dye? If you answered yes to these three questions then you’re gonna LOVE the new Rich Aucoin t-shirt. Get yours here.
TheCBP.com - Rich Aucoin Ephemeral Tie Dye T-shirt

Back to school? Nah, back to cool. Here’s the newly restocked City and Colour Feather design raglan and pocket T. The first 500 orders also received a City & Colour pencil for passing notes in class.
TheCBP.com - City and Colour 'Feather' Raglan and Pocket T-shirt

The Unicorns’ “Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?” t-shirts completely sold out at their POP Montreal show. If you didn’t get a chance to pick one up – no worries. You’ll just have to wait another 10 years.

TheCBP.com - The Unicorns "WWCOHWWG" T-shirt

Matt Good and Jay Baruchel are both known to march to the beat of their own drums. Check out this poster we designed for their upcoming Massey Hall lecture slash concert.
TheCBP.com - Matt Good and Jay Baruchel Not So Private Banter silkscreen poster