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We designed the new Barr Brothers t-shirt with straightforward guidance from – wait for it, wait for it – yes, The Barr Brothers music band. Enjoy! And everyone gets a well deserved pat on the back. Next question? “Where can I get one?” – online and on tour!
TheCBP.com - The Barr Brother's  Crest T-shirt

Stars new album No One Is Lost is out today, get it here! Check out the No One Is Lost unisex T-shirt also available online as a single item or as a bundle.
TheCBP.com - Stars' No One Is Lost release and T-shirt

Check out these creatures taking over Sigur Rós’ wearables. The Tee features a four legged Illuminati hound having a mad brainstorm and the Sigga monster is making his presence known on the zip-up hoody back print. Both available on the Sigur Ros online store.
Sigur Rós - Brainstorm and Sigga designs webpost image

Arena-ready Pigeon Phat presents – Headline Your Life and Triple Nachas. These shirts have meaning – feel it.

TheCBP.com - Pigeon Phat Triple Nachas and Headline Your Life T-shirts