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Suuns have joined the dark side. Keep looking, you will soon see the Suuns name in black embroidery on this black pom-pom toque appear. Available only at Suuns shows.
TheCBP.com - Suuns black embroidery pom-pom toque

Stars IQ Test: Which of these merch items was not inspired by the bubble gum roller dome vibe of No One Is Lost? Spot these and more on the Stars Online Store.
TheCBP.com - Stars' No One Is Lost Merch Assortment

Our in-house merch trend surveyor, Joe, reports that these patch cuffed toques are very “in” right now. What would we do without him? The Hey Rosetta! toque is available at their online store and on the road.
TheCBP.com - Hey Rosetta! Patch Cuffed Toque

Enjoy your very own custom knitted pom-pom toques and scarves by Alexisonfire. Get both to complete the AOF winterocalypse preparedness kit. Available only on the Alexisonfire online store.
TheCBP.com - Alexisonfire - AOF Toque & Scarf